Private Collection of Stephanie Ross

Private Collection of Stephanie Ross

Stephanie Ross, Senior Segment Producer - Tonight Show with Jay Leno  "This is the piece of Debbie’s art that hangs in my study. I put it where I could look up and see it and be inspired. There is something about her work that makes me want to go deeper, to look around the next corner, to pursue more. Debbie has an eye that sees into the hidden corners and helps guide me to the places I want to go with my own work. There is a special quality of searching and seeking that informs her photographs, her paintings and drawings. She is able to make inner longing visible in the real world."

Miles Seaton, Singer/Multi-Instrumentalist - Akron/Family "Working with Debbie was like playing with a best friend after school. There is a sense of ease and real love of art, that I associate with being younger, I think because of a simple lack of pretension. In other words, I forgot I was getting my picture taken and when I remembered, I could have been anyone I wanted for her. She was game for everything I could throw." 

Vanessa Marshall, Actress “Deborah Samantha’s artwork makes my home feel sacred, safe and even blessed. Her work is cutting edge, yet manages to hold a certain spiritual energy that uplifts every room. I have commissioned her to create special pieces, and in every case I have been delighted. Deborah is gifted, and her work is unique. I am lucky to have found her!”

Elizabeth A. Osder, Principal - The Osder Group "I have been a fan of Deborah’s work for several years, her drawings and photography are insightful and her raw creativity digs deeply into my emotions. As a photojournalist Deborah’s work is spot on, intimate and engaging and her professionalism admirable. You’d be lucky to have her shoot your event, but more blessed if you could own one of her pieces. In a word, this woman is gifted." 

Samantha Story - Private Collector "I like art that makes me feel. Pieces where I could lose myself for a little while in their world. This is how I feel about the work of Deborah Samantha. I find there is a deceptive simplicity to her style that adds to the tension of what is really going on, feelings of longing, loss, hope. Her work is quietly haunting and yet demands that you stay a little while longer and look at all that is going on between the lines."

Rita Williams, Writer - If The Creek Don’t Rise “The painting that I bought from Deborah is like having a living being with me on my wall. She is completely original. Anyone would be very fortunate to get in on the ground level. This one is going places!” 

Hallie Goodman - Writer "What I love most about this painting is how it manages to tiptoe over a tightrope emotionally. There’s a lyrical blend of heartsickness and optimism. If I had to break it down - I’d say the ratio was 99% broken-hearted-rainy-day to 1% hopeful. It’s Angel from Montgomery on canvas." 


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